Thanksgiving Inspired Club Sandwich


This past weekend, my family and I headed up north for the glorious four day weekend and were surrounded by colorful trees, yummy turkey, and crisp fall weather. The Monday after Turkey Day, I wanted to re-create a sandwich a little more sophisticated than a regular left-over turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato club.

After spending some time on, I was inspired to make a sandwich that was incredibly easy (BIG plus!) with the perfect balance of sweet and savory with a hint of spice.

To make:

-Turkey (processed or fresh)
-Fresh, toasted Capou bread
-Compte de Champagne double cream brie
St. Dalfour Fig Royale jam
-handful of spicy fresh greens



2 responses to “Thanksgiving Inspired Club Sandwich

  1. derek lindsay

    Very simply, delicious and healthy especially after a weekend of excess. It really is a good way to use the tasty leftovers.

  2. Susan Sambrook

    Ooh, I love the fig jam addition. And the brie Cheese. A perfect post Turkey day meal.

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