Tropical Pomegranate Oat Muffins


My mother had the brilliant idea of making these muffins when we were trying to find something to do with the liters of pomegranate seeds that we picked up at Cosco. We found this recipe in the Joy of Cooking cook book that we’ve owned for ten years but have never seen this recipe. I first put together oats, brown sugar, eggs, butter and some quinoa flour. Mixing that together, I mixed in some pineapple and mango juice for that tropical flavor.batter and pomegranate

Carefully adding in the pomegranates so they do not break, I mixed them into the tropical oat mix. After thoroughly mixing in the seeds, I spooned the batter into greased muffin tins one at a time. On top of uncooked batter, I added a brown sugar crumble for added flavor and texture consisting of brown sugar, flour, salt and baking powder.IMG_0922

The muffins turned out even better than I expected, with a light delicious sugary crumble on top and a moist batter inside, with a pretty fuchsia coloring from the muffin


4 responses to “Tropical Pomegranate Oat Muffins

  1. Lys

    Healthy and delish

  2. Jenny

    Perfect breakfast 🙂

  3. derek lindsay

    WOW! Do they ever look good. Can I please place an order for a few this weekend?

  4. derek lindsay

    Great photos, recipes and most importantly the end result! I think Nigella Lawson has competition.

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