Tomato, Pesto, Buffalo


For this easy to do Italian classic, it took me all of ten minutes to make three separate plates of this dish. First, I cut up everything on different cutting boards to keep all the juices separate. I then sliced thick cuts of tomato and made sure to match them with the thickness of the Buffalo Mozzarella. Carefully stacking the pieces of tomato and cheese on top of one and other, I added a thin layer of Pesto (Parmesan, garlic, basil, olive oil, pepper) in between layers. When the stacking was done, I then drizzled some olive oil and balsamic vinegar glaze around the plate. If there was one ingredient that I would add to the dish it would be some toasted pine nuts thrown on top, but apart from that, this dish was divine.


6 responses to “Tomato, Pesto, Buffalo

  1. Joan Lomdsay

    Not only beautifully presented, but oh, so delicious !!

  2. M. Violini

    Those look delicious! Great photo.

  3. Jay Hudacin

    This looks so good that I would eat for dessert!

  4. derek lindsay

    This is an inspired dish. A truly simple recipe but transported to a higher dimension when made with with perfect ingredients, a talented chef and lots of love. Its a meal in and of itself!

  5. Susan Sambrook

    OK, now this is one of my favourite sides… and I can see by your photography that it’s one of yours as well!

  6. Dajan

    My all time favourite… simple, elegant & extremely tasty.

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