Quinoa Salad

Still on my health kick, I am trying to find new and exciting ways of making salad. I love this one because you don’t actually use lettuce, which is a nice change from any day to day salad. In this: Bed of Quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, avocado, feta.

Another great thing about this dish, It Is a SERIOUS fridge emptier. Basically, take any and everything left over in your fridge and dump it into this delicious bed of quinoa, and vois-la! Quinoa salad. 



4 responses to “Quinoa Salad

  1. Lys

    Looks so pretty!

  2. derek lindsay

    Healthy and fast.

  3. Susan Sambrook

    I love fridge emptying meals and use them often. I also make this sort of recipe with equal parts lime or lemon juice and olive oil plus salt/pepper and a big does of chilli powder. yummy…

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