This morning was the type of morning where I felt like sitting down with my favorite new book (ROOM by Emma Donogue), a great cup of coffee and some comfort food. My all time favorite go-to comfort food is an omelet. Omelets can be anything you want them to be, from easy and fast and delicious, to complex and crafty and delicious. But, as I said, this was a morning for reading, not cooking. So, I decided to go for easy and fast and delicious.

First off I started with two eggs as obvious essentials. Then taking a look at the left overs in my fridge, I decided on a few basic and yummy ingredients. Those ingredients being: feta, turkey, red and orange peppers, spinach. I scrambled my eggs in a bowl, added olive oil to the cooking pan, and poured the stirred eggs in the pan. I then added all my ingredients on top, and when done cooking, flipped my omelet half way for a little presentation. As always, it turned out wonderfully with the right amount of ingredients, and the perfect size!


2 responses to “Omelet

  1. Mary Hugessen

    Love the china!

  2. derek lindsay

    This omlette looks good for a quick healthy dinner too.

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