Greek Yogurt Pancakes


My Sundays typically consist of me catching up on sleep, reading a good book, and basically not spending too much time away from the couch. Also, one of my favorite things to do that I practically do every Sunday, is make a big yummy breakfast.

This week I decided to make a breakfast classic with a twist: Greek Yogurt Pancakes. I found this recipe in one of my mother’s health food cook books by Jamie Oliver, and decided to give it a try. The recipe basically calls for all the usual pancake ingredients (flour, eggs, butter, sugar, baking powder), but to cut down on all the liquids to make room for the yogurt. The yogurt adds a fluffy consistency to the pancakes, and simply gives pancakes a wonderful new taste.

As always, pancakes would not be pancakes without your personal favorite toppings. For this batch I went for simple but delicious maple syrup, banana wheels, and blueberries. This pancake recipe is definitely a repeat!!


4 responses to “Greek Yogurt Pancakes

  1. Jay Hudacin

    Looks very good and simply healthy. I hope you have a food-proof computer! Those sticky pancakes look awfully close to the keyboard! Have you ever turned your compter keyboard upside down and given it a good shake? I have, and it wasn’t pretty. Also – how do you get maple syrup off of an ipad???

  2. Mary Hugessen

    I so love omelets too. That’s such a good leftover vehicle, well done.

  3. derek lindsay

    I too am a big fan of a hearty (and reasonably healthy) sunday breakfast especially in the winter time.
    Megan and her brother, Matthew, are become very accomplished in the pancake department. Though I had to fight for my share of this good looking brunch, I succeeded (sort of) and was rewarded with a delicious meal that left me wanting more (not successful!). Good work Megan ….Tutti Fritti is in trouble now!

  4. Susan Sambrook

    This is a great idea for sunday breakfast – breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and weekends are for relaxing with comfort food…

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