White Wine Salmon


My mother has been serving this salmon dish for as long as I can remember, at dinner parties and day to day meals. First, you take thick cuts of salmon, wash them and take the skin off.


Then, place the pieces of salmon on a non stick fryer and cook them until brown and crispy. Then,  add to the pan four simple ingredients to make the sauce. First, add a little bit of olive oil, then a generous serving of white wine. Finally, add a splash of lemon juice and some pepper and you are done! For this meal, I served the salmon with a side of mashed sweet potatoes (that my mom made the night before), and some spinach.



5 responses to “White Wine Salmon

  1. derek lindsay

    Its delicious and healthy!

  2. Jay Hudacin

    Yum. Asparagus goes well with the salmon too.

    Have you noticed differences in the type of salmons? I frequent a fish market where they sell at least 4 different types – Atlantic (farmed), Irish Organic, Sokeye, and pink (spring) salmon. The first 2 are similar, and look rather like what you have here. The last two look very different – far less fat, smaller flakes, and more taste. From a practical point of view, the sokeye and pink are much more expensive, very seasonal, and cook differently. Make sure to reduce cooking time for Sokeye and pink salmon relative to what you’re used to with the usual supermarket variety… there is nothing worse than overcooking expensive food – unfortunatly, I’m speaking from experience 😦

  3. Susan Sambrook

    A very healthy meal this is and it’s colorful as well!

  4. T Lindsay

    The photos on this site make my mouth water….well done throughout. This looks like a perfect recipe for me to try!

  5. Lys

    I find the Pacific salmon tastes much more fishy and can be a bit dry. I find the Atlantic salmon is always rich, delicious and fresh tasting. Also, this recipe can be done with skin on too – it actually looks quite pretty when you serve it.

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