Banana Bread: A family classic



For my final post before the showing of this blog, I have decided to post a family classic: Banana Bread. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother and aunt have been making this simple delight for our whole family, and has always been one of my personal favourites. I have promised my aunt that I will not give away the secret recipe of what makes this fruity bread as incredible as it is, but the ingredients in the recipe are as simple as this: butter, flour, eggs, baking powder, bananas. I decided last minute to add some dark chocolate chips for added flavour, as well as some walnuts for texture and crunch. As always, the bread turned out great. Moist on the inside and chewy on the outside! 


8 responses to “Banana Bread: A family classic

  1. derek lindsay

    This banana bread is the best and has been refined over decades!

  2. Jay Hudacin

    Isn’t it funny how some foods have secret family recipes and others don’t? Almost no amount of begging and sucking up can get you the best cookie, or banana bread recipe, but you can’t avoid getting awful versions of mashed potatoes or schnitzel!

    In our family, it is the pickle recipe. My grandmother and her 2 sisters still fight over the “correct” recipe, and are often not on speaking terms because of it. It was once given to a daughter in law who then left the family, which only strengthened their case for never discussing it with outsiders.

    On another note, it is possible… I recently completed the requisite minimum 10 years in my wife’s family and got “the” mustard pickle recipe from my mother in law. This particularly recipe was then transcribed and personally escorted to my recipe book – I wouldn’t even trust my wife to transport it. Long live tradition!

    Looks great – I’ll make some banana bread tonight with our secret ingredients… vanilla yoghurt and butterscotch chocolate chips..


  3. Nonie

    I won’t ask but I will be looking over your shoulder to taste this banana bread. or else could I be your sous chef?

  4. Vicky Stikeman

    my favorite of all…..i have tasted this and LOVE It LOVE it…crunchy yes on the outside. The little extra tidbits mean my kids devour it. And healthy too.

  5. Vicky Stikeman

    Megan – I must just add here that this blog is amazing…the pictures and photos are gorgeous and your descriptions are fun and easy and lovely!! I am truly blown away.. and it is motivating me to cook…. Vicky

  6. Mary Hugessen

    I’m going to have to try to make this one. I think there should always be a fruit loaf in every kitchen!! just for emergencies, you know!

  7. Jill Hugessen

    Sounds delicious!

  8. Susan Sambrook

    Adding Chocolate Chips – how yummy! I love chocolate when it’s melted…

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